Sunlight affects our mood and work performance every day. For good and healthy conditions at work and at home, it is necessary to create good lighting and thermal conditions.


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Pergola Placeo

When the high aesthetic value is combined with perfecti functionality, it results in PLACEO pergola. The PLACEO pergola system represents a unique approach to shielding, roofing and controllable ventilation. It is designed as minimalistic with a flat roof and sharp right-angle features on the load-bearing structure.


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Screens Rolletix

Side roller cover is one of the products of Alaris Czech Republic, s. r. o. It is the component which provides several functions. Concretely, it protects against sun, cold and thanks to the special PVC material, it protects against rain as well.Screens Rolletix

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Sun protection blades

Sun protection blades have been a little known shading element in our country until recently. On the other side, they have been getting more and more popular lately. It is not surprising. It affects the luminous flux to the interior on the optimum level as well as it becomes a significant design element of the buildings.



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Aluminium car shelter

Thanks to its simple design, the modern car shelter PLACEO CARPORT from our workshop is especially suitable to new buildings. You will mainly appreciate the high quality of its processing, which we emphasise as a genuine Czech brand, its maintenance-free use and the fact that it can protect your car against unfavourable weather. Moreover, with regard to various anchoring options and a wide choice of colour versions, you may adapt this practical car pergola according to your needs.

Our car shelter is maintenance free, with high-quality processing. It will protect your car from any unfavourable weather.

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